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Let's turn your melodies into movements

Welcome to All By Play: a distinctive 360-marketing agency for musicians, labels and music festivals. Founded by former Spotifyer and Berklee grad Dhaval Kothari in January 2023, All By Play is a dedicated partner in the world of music promotion.

What We Offer: We believe in championing good music. Our focus is on providing the right resources to artists, labels and festival organisers to amplify their profiles, releases and other projects to reach the right audiences.

How We Work: The All By Play team’s industry expertise, musical competence and creative flair converge at the common objective of empowering musicians to achieve the recognition they truly deserve.

We start all our campaigns with an understanding of client goals, budgets, and duration of the retainership they’d like to sign with us. IT'S NOT JUST ABOUT ONE SON; when you work with us, there are weekly one-on-one sessions where we analyse and brainstorm on active growth retargeting.

At the end of each project, we provide the most essential thing artists usually overlook: YOUR DATA! We offer proper insights into what worked and what did not work for you, and what is projected to be helpful for future releases.

Meet Dhaval Kothari

Dhaval Kothari is an artist and a music business professional. From his student days at Berklee College of Music, Valencia, to being a former team member, Artists & Labels Partnerships, Spotify, Dhaval has an industry experience of over 6 years, working with 10 lakh + indie artists, international labels and Bollywood projects.

Based on the knowledge and rich first-hand experiences he garnered during his education and early career, as well as his passion for discovering and promoting quality music, Dhaval founded All By Play in early 2022. Dhaval has always envisioned this venture as an initiative fulfilling the much-needed role of helping professional musicians and labels with the right resources.

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Branding & Marketing

We specialise in crafting a distinctive brand identity for artists and labels to ensure a consistent aesthetic value for them online so their uniqueness shines through. Our A-Z branding solutions include ideating on design language to form a captivating look and feel for social media and beyond.

Some Retainer Artists

Release-based Campaigns

hrough methodical planning and execution for music releases, All By Play provides comprehensive support for musicians and labels. This includes one-on-one solutions on pre- & post-release campaigns throughout the designated duration or retainer period. Our plans are easily customisable as per your needs and goals.

Editorial Playlist Features on DSPs

PR Activation

All By Play provides engagement-led PR activations across multiple platforms. We are slightly different from conventional PR agencies in that our PR plan includes not only channels like social media, print, digital, TV, radio, and international media platforms, but also interesting non-conventional approaches such as podcasts, indie music platforms, and more.

We focus on covering the best options to push artists and their music out there. The aim is to help you reach the right audience through compelling narratives and stories that resonate across diverse platforms.

PR Posts

Instagram-centric Campaigns

Instagram is our main point of focus while leveraging social media. From content plans to creatives, we provide artists and labels with all the requisite resources to promote new music releases, live events and their entire profile, overall, based on budgets, goals and the client’s tenure with All By Play.

Our campaigns include:

Edit Page Campaigns: populating Instagram edit pages in an attempt to turn the algorithm in our favour and encourage a larger fan base for a song

Ananya Birla - Caught Up with L.A.X Edit Pages Campaign

Rashmeet Kaur Dil Khanjar Campaign

Review Campaigns: Experts review the songs; this helps build value and the name of the artist on socials

Independence Day Music Influencer Review Campaign

Influencer Campaigns: boosting the virality of a song by collaborating with popular content creators to publish interesting, quality content.

Spotify-focussed Campaigns

In a competitive music landscape, the in-house professionals at All By Play have developed this service over time through meticulous campaigns with artists and labels and the R & D we have done in the process.

We work toward growing the overall profile of our artist on Spotify through a close understanding of long- and short-term goals. Our plans are customised and our approach is a dynamic blend of techniques and tools over a defined duration: